The Internet has generated many new and exciting global business opportunities. However, it has also attracted fraudsters and cyber criminals who use various, sophisticated and ever changing tactics to capture personal information.

To address these growing threats, the industry has developed solutions and products to increase trust and safety in the online world. In 2007, a class of digital certificates, known as Extended Validation or EV SSL certificates, was created. Like High Assurance certificates, this class of certificate not only allows your customers to transact safely with you, but also provides a highly visible and recognizable assurance to your customers that they are dealing with you and not an impostor.

Now, isn't that what your customers need to know before they will do business with you?

What is EV SSL Certificate ?

Why Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are important for you.

The SSL Certificate you currently have protects you with encryption that ensures data being transferred between your website and the customer cannot be intercepted. You may also have an SSL Certificate with Identity Assurance Protection as in a High Assurance SSL Certificate.

Comodo realized that this level of assurance was not always adequate and was not being consistently applied by all CAs. That's why we lead the way in creating industry standards for consistent processes to authenticate identity. This included the creation of a new high assurance certificate with enhanced identity verification called Extended Validation (EV)

How EV SSL certificates will benefit your business.

EV SSL Certificates provide customers with visible online confirmation that you are a verifiable business. The latest browsers provide detailed identify information, including shading the URL address bar green when a site uses EV SSL. With Comodo EV SSL you also receive, a Trust Logo that you can proudly display on your site to tell your customers that you have met the highest standards for assurance.